Control System Programming

Control systems and control programming are the backbone of any audio visual integrated room.

With the push of a button participants can switch between content from a PC, projector or interactive whiteboard; mute and unmute microphones; pan, tilt, or zoom the camera on a video conferencing system, connect video and audio calls and much more. This eliminates the need for multiple remotes and provides an easy to use interface for meeting participants.

Advanced programming allows organizations to push technology boundaries by customizing the collaboration experience to fit their unique requirements. A custom control program can be designed to display content from multiple different sources, arrange video participants in a particular order on the screen or manage the speaking privileges of numerous participants. Essentially, an organization can use a control system to create a visual collaboration solution that is perfectly aligned with its needs.

Our expertly trained programmers can design an interface based on the organization’s unique specifications. Custom programming includes:

  • Development of a custom control program and user interface based on an organization’s requirements with complete flexibility of design.
  • Ability for the end-user view their system and request changes or modifications before the system is deployed to the site.
  • Installation of program on the control system and user interface.
  • Detailed control system design document with screenshots of each system task and a page by page description of functionality.
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